At River City Wealth We Like To SayYour Goals. Our Passion.

Very simply, we want
to be your partner in
helping you achieve
your goals.

Before engaging any advisor, you should have a thorough understanding of who you are working with, their process, and how they make decisions. We offer a complimentary meeting to discuss your financial needs and the services we provide so you can make an informed decision about whether hiring our firm is right for you.

Often in our industry, the focus solely lies with your investment performance. While the return is important, it’s only one of many tools to achieve your goals. We believe our passion for providing creative, customized solutions in addition to investments separates us from the competition. Together we can achieve more.

<strong>What to Expect</strong>

What to Expect

Detailed Meeting with an Advisor

Let’s face it, “personal finance” is just as much about the “personal” as it is the “finance”. Everyone has personal circumstances, goals, and comfort levels, that make each individual unique. Likewise, every financial advisor has their own style, process and beliefs that also make them unique. Before offering any service, and before charging any fees, we want to spend an hour with you so we can get to know each other, learn about your needs, and see if we may be a fit. If we feel like we can help with your finances, we will go over in detail what services we can provide and the process we will follow.

We aim for our meetings to be educational, provide value, and offer real solutions. Of course, we realize that we are not a perfect fit for everyone. However, if our services are not for you, our goal for the introductory meeting remains to help you and to provide beneficial use of your time. We will still do our best to answer your financial questions, give you direction, and point you towards alternative options.

Your Homework

Your best life is about YOU and your goals.

To help us help you, we need to learn about your current financial situation and your future aspirations. Once you schedule your introductory meeting, we will send you a brief electronic questionnaire designed to give us a basic understanding of your finances and your personal goals. If the questionnaire seems lite to you, don’t worry, we will get a lot more detailed as we progress through the process. Before our meeting, we ask that you take the time to complete the information as best as possible and gather your questions along with any financial statements you think may be helpful.

Our Homework

You’re not the only one with homework.

By filling out the questionnaire, you help us organize our meeting. We value your time, so we will review your answers and any documents you send in advance of our discussion. Organizing ahead of time will enable us to provide you with useful ideas and information pertaining specifically to you.

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