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As a result of significant real estate value increases and inflation, you should be asking, “is my coverage enough?” It is a good idea to take a comprehensive look at your policy, what it covers, and how much you pay for it.
Michelle Barron and Brian Hughes |
It's getting close to the end of the year, but it's not yet time to shut down and go into holiday mode with your investments. We discuss three actions you should be considering now with your portfolio.
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If you don't follow the Required Minimum Distribution rules, the IRS can go from Uncle Sam to Uncle Scrooge very quickly. Fortunately, the rules surrounding the requirement are not that difficult and there are even strategies you can employ to help reduce your tax liability.
Medicare open enrollment started October 15th and continues through December 7th. With a little bit of time left you should review your plan for any changes in coverage, costs, and services effective for next year. Download our free decision guide to help you decide if you should change your plan.