Brian Hughes |
The dog days of summer have us thinking about, well, our dogs. Fortunately, dogs are pretty smart, and can even teach us a few tricks related to your 401(k) plan.
By far and away, the number one question we receive from investors recently relates to what actions investors should take with potential tax increases around the corner. While we do not yet know exactly how the congressional process plays out, there are some things we think you should be considering today.
While many people think of the will as the foundation of estate planning, trusts can be the cornerstone that allows you to name who will get your assets and control how they will get those assets. Essentially, permitting what they call control from the grave.
Michelle Barron |
A change in the capital gains rules could necessitate some re-jiggering of estates to attempt to protect assets as much as possible from estate taxes. It is, of course, too early to know if this idea will become a reality, but it's never too early to understand the problem and start thinking about potential solutions.