The Stepped-Up Basis May Be Getting Stepped On

A change in the capital gains rules could necessitate some re-jiggering of estates to attempt to protect assets as much as possible from estate taxes. It is, of course, too early to know if this idea will become a reality, but it's never too early to understand the problem and start thinking about potential solutions.
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2021 Tax considerations

Worried about potential tax increases and how they can impact you? You are not alone. Read about strategies to consider to optimize today's tax code before any changes come about.
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Calling All Tax Filing Procrastinators: Protect Yourself

The last thing you want to see is a notice from Uncle Sam stating that someone has already claimed your refund. By taking steps to prevent IRS identity theft in the first place, you can hopefully avoid the headache and extra time commitment in dealing with the IRS. Consider these steps. 
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