Brian Hughes |
Retirement is the pie-in-the-sky goal which many of us prioritize. It's a milestone transition from a working life to hopefully one of relaxation and fulfillment of lifelong dreams. Knowing if you are financially ready to retire can be tough. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to help get you started.
The potential benefits of the CARES Act go much further than the most widely known benefit of the stimulus money being deposited into your account. The CARES Act includes financial planning changes that can help you. Here are two of the changes that I believe have the largest impact for clients that I work with.
Let’s be honest. Between running our kids around to soccer practice, making dinner, and tackling that mountain of laundry, sometimes lessons we need to be teaching our children take a backseat. National Teach Children to Save Day on April 24, 2020, give us that gentle reminder to focus on one of those lessons that so often get lost in the shuffle: financial literacy for our children. Fortunately, there are simple and practical ways to incorporate savings lessons into our daily lives.